I help technology and business succeed from the outside in

An experienced leader of customer-centric strategy, design and development projects


I look at business goals, user research and analytics data from multiple angles to focus on users and what’s important to them.


With a user outcome in mind, I start creative problem solving and identifying options to move forward toward potential solutions.


From whiteboard sketches to visual concepts to interactive prototypes, I bring specific ideas to life to arrive at desired outcomes.

Making the simple complicated is commonplace; making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that’s creativity.

— Charles Mingus, musician and composer

How can I help you?

From Fortune 500 companies to mobile startups, from healthcare and financial services to sports management and education, from C-level consulting to software engineering teams, I have the experience to help you succeed.


I’m a big advocate of taking a wide-angle view of customer journeys and the intersections of digital and non-digital touchpoints. Even more important is learning where your customers need to get to and what they want to do.


Behind the customer journey are the systems, platforms and applications that must interact and connect to deliver the opportunity for a desired experience. A focus on service design helps keep “user experience” a goal for everyone.


Interaction is the heartbeat of a digital experience. It is what makes the web such a unique channel for satisfying users’ needs and goals. Designing within this medium is challenging, rewarding and much more than just a pretty picture.


From cross-functional design thinking groups to stakeholder alignment to agile development teams to intern mentorships, I focus on outcome-based results to get everyone on the same page and positioned for success. 


Due to client confidentiality, my work examples are password protected. Reach out and contact me if you’re interested in seeing more.

Latest News

From time to time, I’ll summarize some of the work I’m doing and post it here.

Your opinion is irrelevant…

This article was originally written as part of an employee series on being world-class communicators. I’ve edited it slightly to remove some specific internal references. As part of my product management[…]

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Meeting Customer Expectations with Digital Transformation

To meet customers’ expectations, digital transformation must be seen as re-envisioning products and services from a customer’s perspective and imagining what a successful experience looks and feels like on their omnichannel journey.

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A Framework of UX Roles and Activities

A chart that correlates some of the most common User Experience functions with the activities or deliverables associated with them. Each deliverable is color-coded to a common skill set or role within an organization.

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